Muse Profile: Style Convict–Vancouver

Oh, Canada…Well Vancouver…

Fall 2011--Complexgeometries (1)

On a recent trip to Hong Kong, I wondered Causeway Bay’s Times Squareshopping mall. Walking amongst label whores that scurry from store to store, an Avant-garde boutique popped into focus. Sitting in the corner of this overdone mall was a treasure trove. Flipping through racks of clothes, a sales girl made conversation, on my response to being from Vancouver, Canada, she rushed to show me her best-selling collection, Complexgeometries, a Canadian label. Flabbergasted that Complexgeometriesa Canadian conceptual collection was making waves in Asia, I felt perplexed that after seeing this fabulous collection at New York’s Fall 2011 fashion week, these clothes were nowhere to be found in my hometown Vancouver.

HK- Times Square

Voted 3rd worst dressed city in the world, Vancouver needs to step its style game up a notch. Canada’s talent industry is cranking out world-class designers, yet none available to us. I understand that designers make more money overseas, but Canadian designers want to sell to Canadians. However, we as Canadians need to give them a reason to sell to us. The Muse Closet is about helping you explore fashion in a way that is practical and new. Understanding how small changes can send shock waves through fashion and yourself.

Fall 2011--Complexgeometries

Vancouver is a beautiful city with beautiful people; our problem is that too many of us rely on sweatpants as dress pants. Lulu Lemon created our uniform, but kiddies we need to spruce up our closets. Challenge: Next time you have dinner plans think about dressing up. I know everyone will look at you strangely on Robson street, but fuck’em your doing Canada proud. Take a moment to develop a look around a feeling you would like to emote. Please use my examples from Complexgeometries for style ideas.

Fall 2011--Complexgeometries
Little Red Riding hood
Little Red Riding hood
Boys on Film
Boys on Film
Shoe Time
Shoe Time

One thought on “Muse Profile: Style Convict–Vancouver

  1. barry wong October 29, 2011 / 6:13 PM

    great article. i totally agree with you on this one.

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