Muse Profile: Pint-Size Style

Pint-Size Style

Style Child
Style Child

Recently in Los Angles, I was browsing through the Beverly Centre; like all my trips, my first priority is to gather treats for my two favorite people, my three-year-old god-daughter and four-year-old Godson. I love buying them clothes because children are so expressive with their style authentically at that age. Now is the time to nurture their creativity before years in school and massive media overload when children lose style freedom to conformity. Therefore, I buy them items that are personal and expressive to their personality.

What shocked me as I walked through this maze of commercial driftwood was the amount of children stores blended between haze of fashion yuck. I waked into each children store excited to find my two little fashion soldiers clothes to express their inner beings. Yet to my dismay, I was met with over-priced clothes aimed towards baby girl strippers, and baby boy douchebags. Barley-there dresses for little girls stood next to overworked jeans for little boys. How was I to find a suitable outfit for my two fashion individuals? Needless to say I ended up with nothing. Disillusioned by my outing in L.A. I returned to Vancouver to discuss my fashion disappointment with friends, and to ask where I could find great children clothes, my friends returned a resounding, “I don’t know?”

Fashionable Kid 2
Pint-Size Style Accessories

Walking through Holt Renfrew, Canada’s version of Barney’s New York, I grew empty by my gift-less entry back to Canada. I pride myself on discovering new styles for my god kids; they love being able to express themselves through clothes because with so little words in their vocabulary clothes are their connection to self-expression. Nearly defeated by lack of gift success, I found inspiration from a pint-size fashion queen. Her look was adorable and she modeled for me brilliantly: her coat, yellow scarf, boots, and tweed tights hit all the fashion trends of the season. Her stylish demeanor impressed me, as she stood proud by her father and modeled her signature look, which was described to me by her father. Her cap felt most authentic to her mood and personality.  Fashion is like great music—seamless—and this little girl hit all the right notes.

Pint-Size Style
Pint-Size Style

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