Style Profile: The Cape

Weekend Dressing

Jai Li: Spring/Summer 2012

One wish I have, is that I could be one of those fabulous people with a weekend country home. My romantic idea has come from watching Sex And The City all weekend, with Charlotte kissing the gardener–yummy!!! Alas I don’t, I am a full-time city boy. However, who says you can’t live the good life through clothes. You can wear riding boots around the city and never have been on a horse, so why not show-off your weekend roots with some Hampton’s gear.

Jai Li: Spring/Summer 2012
Jai Li: Spring/Summer 2012

I may not go away for the weekend, but I thought I would help find something for those of you who do. What I did find was a new collection that would be great for all those summer weekends away. Designer Jia Li has created a versatile and entirely REVERSIBLE and TRANSFORMABLE line of classic silhouettes. These clothes may not scream beach, as much as rich lady country club, but fashion is always personification.

Jai Li: Spring/Summer 2012
Jai Li: Spring/Summer 2012

The great thing about going away for the weekend is that you get to leave all your city problems behind, maybe I am too busy being stuck in mine to getaway. For those of you who do, please have a bottle of wine for me while relaxing at Cod, I hope to get there one day.

Jai Li: Spring/Summer 2012
Jai Li: Spring/Summer 2012

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