Fashion Snob…

Family Affair 


Sometimes I think I am a fashion snob. I was born with fashion inside me. I do not know how to live without fashion. When some one asks me who I dress for, I always say me. I do not know who else I would dress for, although I had a small dent in my youth when I wanted to be like everyone, but that lasted only a year. 


Fashion is such a personal expression. You carve your voice with fashion, find a place with fashion, and explore the world through fashion. I was reading an article about 90’s fashion. I guess it’s a new movement in fashion. The article glamourized the days of 90’s fashion, pre-internet media, although technology was a subject, it had not taken over. 


The article spoke to how fashion seemed more of an insider event. The outside world didn’t care what was going on in fashion. The crowd was more elite and selective. For a moment, I romanticized that moment in fashion while reading the article. I thought about my first time at NYFW in 2010. I was so excited and full of anticipation. I did feel a lot of people flocked to the venue to get photographed, and inside I felt like there were a lot of sencesters, not fashion followers. Yet what is a true fashion follower?


I am a fashion follower because I went to school to study design, or because I read every book, magazine and article pertaining to fashion? My pal for fashion week loved clothes, but had no clue who anyone was. I would point out all these amazing editors and reporter, but he only cared about which celebrity was front row. I was sad, but we both still enjoyed the event. 


Reading the article I wished to be one of those people in 90’s fashion era watching supermodels walk the runway and knowing all their names, editors scrambling to write articles to meet daily press deadlines, and a cast of socialites front row. The article poo-pooed all the new media blast from every angle. And I thought for a moment, I am a fashion snob?


I love that I can see fashion on every level; runway to street. I think most fashion followers today do not know the past or history of every house. They do not know how to describe clothes, only to say “it’s cool.” The vocabulary of fashion has changed, both good and bad, but fashion is about change. Chanel stopped designing when she felt that there was no long anything new to say. Than she came back with the “Town Suit,” revolutionizing fashion. I think she would be proud to see fashion and media blend today. 


With S/S 15 collections underway, I picked some of my favourite street-snaps of todays fashion moments. This is the power of fashion today. I can sit and observe what is happening in the world from my new shop in Vancouver Atelier3, and still enjoy what is happening around the world. Do I still hit the shows, of course, who would pass up the chance to see walking art. The “cool” thing now is that walking art is on every corner! 





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